Once upon a time in a Royal Palace…

Once upon a time there was a girl traveling with a memory keeper and a notebook…


I confess I am obsessed with the royal life, well not the current royal life, I am talking about the royal life of the XV or XVIII centuries. Today we finally visited La Reggia di Caserta, a beautiful and huge palace just a few minutes from Naples. Kind of Versailles, this palace was constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples and actually, is the largest palace in Europe with more than 2 million m3.

This amazing palace has 1,200 rooms, including two dozen state apartments, a large library, and a theatre, some of those still furnished by original pieces (Bed heads and linens, bathroom furnitures and a huge collection of antique books in the library). The gardens and fountains are pieces of art. Such a great place to visit, as a museum and gallery inside of the rooms (expositions changing once in a while) or just walking or riding thru the gardens.

IMG_3604 IMG_3607 IMG_3613 IMG_3617 IMG_3623




Well, now I am trying to enjoy my last days in Italy. It’s been so hard to say good bye to my friends cz I know will be so difficult to meet again those who live actually in the other side of the world.  Now I’m in Naples spending all the possible time with him and his family. This week we visited a little town called Palena about an hour by car from Naples. Small and very quiet, the perfect place to be unplugged from everything.

PS. There is not a place like Palena to sleep very well! Good night.

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All photos taken with iPhone5


I amsterdam


If you are going to visit Amsterdam don’t foget to get your I amsterdam city card. With this you get free public transport a free canal cruise, free entrances to some museums such as the Hermitage, the EYE filmmuseum and the Rembrandt House Museum among others. Also you get a 25% off in other attractions (Madame Tussauds, XtraCold IceBar, etc), concerts, and special gifts.


I really enjoyed this little vacation with my boyfriend and other two friends. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit Anna Frank’s house because we had just a couple of days and the line were too long. However we visited the Heritage where we could see Vincent Van Gogh’s works. Was quiet a fast trip, we tried to visit all the possible places and trying to do it I got very sick from the second night. But doesn’t matter when you are in a place as lovely as Amsterdam is.

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For more information about the I amsterdam city card visit the site

Amsterdam: Hipstamatic Prints


My first spring break out of the beach. Not sun, not hot weather; just cold and an amazing city. I loved Amsterdam, I think I could live there, it’s such an incredible city. Full of art, shops, history, canals and coffee shops (Oops!). We flight from Napoli to Milano and then Amsterdam, quite tired, cz we got at the airport at 5:30am but however was great.

This time I’d like to share with you photos taken with my fav app in iPhone: Hisptamatic. Since we are flying until we flight our last day in this beautiful city.


Road Trip


Yaaai our frist road trip in Italy. No train, no bus, no plane, this time I am the driver going from Florence to Bologna and Verona.
I was so nervous driving in other country, this was the very first time for me driving out of Mexico, well the 2nd because I parked my boyfriend’s car one time in his place, but officially the first driving in the streets.
IMG_2498We start our road trip to Bologna very very early, so we arrived there about 10am and then we visited the city -was about to rain- and then had lunch. Do you have an idea about our lunch? yes, pasta and lasagna alla bolognesa. YUM!
In Florence I felt in love with Neptune, and since there I used to look for him around Italy. In Bologna I found this beautiful fountain about Neptune by Giambologna and I just loved it. It’s in Piazza Maggiore which is one of the most beautiful piazze in Italy.

After lunch we went to Verona. Yes, the city of Romeo and Juliet. We started visiting the  Arena di Verona, icon of the city. This is one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind. Also here was the concert of one of my favorite albums, Ligabue’s Sette notte in Arena. 

IMG_2515 IMG_2509

In Verona is very common to visit Juliet’s house and put your padlock or write your and your lover name in the walls, I am not the kind of person who loves to do this but this time, when I left I kept thinking maybe could be cute to do it. Perhaps I’ll do it next time.

IMG_2532 IMG_2529 IMG_2527

Don’t forget visit also Piazza delle Erbe and see the Madonna’s fountain and get there before 18:00 and you’ll find a little market to buy some souvenirs from t-shirts, venetian mask and pasta.

Here comes…

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…Three, four, better lock your door…Five, six, grab your crucifix…Seven, eight, gonna stay up late…Nine, ten, never sleep again

Tomorrow night is Halloween and of course we are planing to go out and wear weird costumes 🙂 Two weeks ago we went to Fiesole and I took this photo of my armenian friend, Mariam, and I just loved it.. She was there near to the church just looking and then… two photos made this.. I decided to post this until now cz remains me kind of out of cemetery or those haunted mansions 🙂

PS.. a week without post.. I’m sorry!!!

21 Memories

Have you ever listened a song and been completely transported to another day, another place, even feel the smell of that day, – I’ve always thought that the days have aromas-

Today it happened and so hard… I was watching video auditions to programs like American Idol and The X Factor when the background music of the Janet Devlin’s presentation was “Set Fire to The Rain” by Adele and woooooow, I was transported in two seconds at Monterrey, to the days before the trip that changed my life, my summer at EF New York.

In that moment I saw myself playing Wii with my roommate, preparing the roast with my friends from Mty, the nights game between foreigns, and my full days cooking fondant cupcakes. The smell from the kitchen almost touches my senses in those 15 seconds intro, while I remembered my first talk with Franz, a guy form Mty, whom I met through Facebook hours before go to New York.

So, I switched to iTunes and Adele’s 21 began; immediately the atmosphere changed, it was cold in my head, the rain left a very particular smell on the streets of Tarrytown, on my way to the train terminal, and thinking about the person who in fifteen days changed my life, Lorenzo, while “Turning Tables” sounded. It was Aug. 18 I was traveling by train to Manhattan looking for the Lomography store on 8th street. I was walking from Grand Central Station with a beautiful sunny day. The smell of the Big Apple was completely different to suburbs; in Soho the atmosphere was… different, impossible to explain at this time, I just feel butterflies.

“One and Only” and I remember the night when the rain didn’t stop and a couple of umbrellas found themselves between Lugari Hall and Spellman Auditorium on the EF campus, asking a thousand times “Why?”; times, meetings, forgetfulness, talks that dragged on before leaving, took the meeting which made a lump on the throat. It was a completely and strong “No”. “I dare you to let me be your one and only…”

I kept thinking; my mind was like a ghost that just appears in new places, Times Square, and I found myself under the big M of McDonald’s, then I found him in the crowd. We ate at T.G.I.F, Tak, Carlos and Lorenzo, almost die by a Buffalo boneless. So red.

“You know how the time flies, only yesterday was the time of our lives”, Hilene, Sasha and I are singing toward the Brazilian bar in the center of Tarrytown. We stole some leaves from a tree in the way. “Chama, it seems like marihuana.” We laughed.

Ends 21 and “This is how the story went I met someone by accident, it blew me away…” and my eyes get blurred, “The morning rain, although I wish that you were here; that same old road that brought me here is calling me home” describes how exactly was the day when I left NY. The trip ends and I return to my beautiful “Sultana del Norte”, it became my home, there I took a lot of who I am today, the city that adopted me.

Decisions, farewells, move, and 21 finished. The cycle was closed.

Les ha pasado que escuchan una canción y los transporta completamente a otro día, otro lugar; inclusive sientes el aroma de ese día -siempre he pensado que los días tienen aromas-

Hoy me pasó y muy cañón, por así decirlo… estaba en mi recorrido nocturno de vídeos de audiciones a programas como American Idol y The X Factor cuando la música de fondo de la presentación de Janet Devlin era “Set Fire to The Rain” de Adele, y wow, me transporté en dos segundos a Monterrey, a esos días previos al viaje que cambió mi vida; a mi verano en EF New York. 

En ese momento me vi jugando Wii con mi roommate, preparando la carne asada con mis amigos regios, las noches de juegos entre foráneos, y mis días completos cocinando cupcakes decorados con fondant. El olor de estos últimos casi toca mis sentidos en esos 15 segundos de intro, mientras recordaba la primera plática con Franz, un regio que se encontraba en EF, al que conocí vía Facebook y me decía cómo estaba la escuela a horas antes de partir de mi adorado Monterrey. 

Sin pensarlo dos veces me pasé a iTunes y 21 de Adele comenzó a sonar, inmediatamente el ambiente cambió, hacía frío en mi cabeza, la lluvia dejaba un olor muy particular sobre las calles de Tarrytown, bajaba el caminito para tomar el tren, y pensaba en una sola persona que en quince días le dio un giro a mi vida, Lorenzo; mientras “Turning Tables” sonaba. Era 18 de agosto, estaba viajando en tren rumbo a Manhattan en busca de una tienda llamada “Lomography” en la 8th street. La canción seguía y yo ya iba caminando desde la Grand Central Station acompañada de un bello día soleado. El olor de la Gran Manzana era completamente diferente a los suburbios newyorkinos; en Soho se respiraba un ambiente… diferente, imposible de explicar en este momento, solo siento mariposas. 

“One and Only” y recuerdo la noche en que no dejó de llover y un par de paraguas se encontraron entre Lugari Hall y Spellman Auditorium en el campus de EF; preguntábamos mil veces ¿por qué?; tiempos, coincidencias, olvidos, pláticas que se alargaron antes de salir, llevaron al encuentro que anudaba la garganta de ambos. Ya había un rotundo, No. “I dare you to let me be your one and only…” 

Seguí pensando, mi mente se fue como un fantasma que solo se aparece en lugares nuevos, a Times Square, y me encontré debajo de la M de McDonald’s; lo encontré entre la multitud. Cenamos, Tak, Carlos y Lorenzo casi mueren por unos Buffalo boneless. Rojos todos. 

“You know how the time flies, only yesterday was the time of our lives”, Hilene, Sasha y yo vamos cantando rumbo al bar brasileño en el centro de Tarrytown. Robamos algunas hojas de un árbol en el camino. “Parece marihuana chama”. Reíamos. 

Termina 21 y “This is how the story went I met someone by accident, it blew me away…” y se nubla mi mirada. “The morning rain, although I wish that you were here; that same old road that brought me here is calling me home”, describe tal y como era el día en fue la partida. Termina el viaje y regreso a mi bella sultana del norte. La ciudad que se volvió mi hogar, la ciudad en donde adopté mucho de lo que soy hoy, la ciudad que me adoptó.

Decisiones, despedidas, mudanza, y 21 terminó. Ese ciclo se cerró. 

[[Photos taken with iPhone 4]]