Once upon a time in a Royal Palace…

Once upon a time there was a girl traveling with a memory keeper and a notebook…


I confess I am obsessed with the royal life, well not the current royal life, I am talking about the royal life of the XV or XVIII centuries. Today we finally visited La Reggia di Caserta, a beautiful and huge palace just a few minutes from Naples. Kind of Versailles, this palace was constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples and actually, is the largest palace in Europe with more than 2 million m3.

This amazing palace has 1,200 rooms, including two dozen state apartments, a large library, and a theatre, some of those still furnished by original pieces (Bed heads and linens, bathroom furnitures and a huge collection of antique books in the library). The gardens and fountains are pieces of art. Such a great place to visit, as a museum and gallery inside of the rooms (expositions changing once in a while) or just walking or riding thru the gardens.

IMG_3604 IMG_3607 IMG_3613 IMG_3617 IMG_3623




La semana pasada estuvimos filmando para el proyecto final de la clase de Digital Video. Les comparto unos screenshots de la grabación.

Last week we were filming for the Digital Video final project. Here some screenshots of the day. 

filming IMG_2884



Spring break is over and we are back to the Institute. Tons of homework and now, developing final projects . Here an attempt to do a high speed photo using strawberries and bowl with water.

El break terminó y ahora estamos de regreso al Instituto. Con mucha tarea, proyectos para el fin del semestre, etc.  Les comparto esta fresita, para clase de fotografía, que más bien parece un ensayo de un high speed. 

Sueño, mucho sueño y los párpados me pesan. 

I amsterdam


If you are going to visit Amsterdam don’t foget to get your I amsterdam city card. With this you get free public transport a free canal cruise, free entrances to some museums such as the Hermitage, the EYE filmmuseum and the Rembrandt House Museum among others. Also you get a 25% off in other attractions (Madame Tussauds, XtraCold IceBar, etc), concerts, and special gifts.


I really enjoyed this little vacation with my boyfriend and other two friends. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit Anna Frank’s house because we had just a couple of days and the line were too long. However we visited the Heritage where we could see Vincent Van Gogh’s works. Was quiet a fast trip, we tried to visit all the possible places and trying to do it I got very sick from the second night. But doesn’t matter when you are in a place as lovely as Amsterdam is.

IMG_2635 IMG_2617 IMG_2621 IMG_2623 IMG_2638 IMG_2640 IMG_2707 IMG_2671 IMG_2675

For more information about the I amsterdam city card visit the site

It was a woman’s bedroom…


We are arriving to the final of this semester. Since the workshop in Bodaf I fell in love of  boudoir style, so I decided to develop my Final Project in this one. Here the photos taken using my Nikon D90, Flash SB600, 35mm and 50 mm lenses and some candles.
Model: María Gómez.
Special Thanks: Zalma Rogil.

Boudoir_JociFranco06 Boudoir_JociFranco05 Boudoir_JociFranco04 Boudoir_JociFranco03 Boudoir_JociFranco02 Boudoir_JociFranco02

Here comes…

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…Three, four, better lock your door…Five, six, grab your crucifix…Seven, eight, gonna stay up late…Nine, ten, never sleep again

Tomorrow night is Halloween and of course we are planing to go out and wear weird costumes 🙂 Two weeks ago we went to Fiesole and I took this photo of my armenian friend, Mariam, and I just loved it.. She was there near to the church just looking and then… two photos made this.. I decided to post this until now cz remains me kind of out of cemetery or those haunted mansions 🙂

PS.. a week without post.. I’m sorry!!!

A poem

I took this photo last weekend at Fiesole -15 min from Florence-. The place is very nice, so quiet and with an amazing view. Since you arrive you can go up to visit the church and the convent, but the most amazing thing is the view!!!! Coming soon more photos but this time, just a part of G. K. Chesterton poem.

Up through an empty house of stars, Being what heart you are, Up the inhuman steeps of space As on a staircase go in grace, Carrying the firelight on your face Beyond the loneliest star.

From The Ballad of the White Horse | 1911