I’ll miss you Michele


Si tuviera que elegir una única cosa para comer toda mi vida, sin duda alguna sería Pizza. En cualquiera de sus múltiples formas de elaboración, la versión americana, la versión mexicana (que podría decir más bien versión campechana) y claro, la versión original con la ricetta italiana. Hay un lugar en Nápoles al que muchos han llamado “El Templo Sagrado de la Pizza”. ¿Recuerdan a Julia Roberts en “Comer, Rezar y Amar” comiendo una pizza gigante? bueno pues L’Antica pizzeria da Michele fue el set en donde filmaron.
El lugar esta abierto desde 1936  y desde entonces la fila y la larga lista de espera para comer una de las dos únicas pizzas que venden es interminable. Así es, leyó usted bien, aquí solo se comen, Margherita y Marinara y se acompaña con agua, Coca Cola, Fanta o una cerveza. A veces la espera es larga, una vez esperamos poco más de una hora, pero no se preocupen, una vez en la mesa, que, por lo general, si vas en pareja debes compartir, el servicio es rapidísimo.

Due Margherite doppia mozzarella, una fanta ed una birra, per favore.

¿La cuenta? €14.00. Un lugar que definitivamente extrañaré. Un sabor que jamás encontraré en ningún otro lugar. Espero regresar pronto. Arrivederci Michele!

If I had to pick one thing to eat all my life, no doubt would be Pizza. In all its many forms of cook, the American version, the Mexican version and of course , the original version with the Ricetta Italiana. There is a place in Naples called by some people as “The Scared Temple of the Pizza”. Do you remember Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray and Love” eating a giant pizza? well, this scene was filmed in L’ Antica Pizzeria da Michele. The place exists since 1936 and from the beginning  the line and the long waiting list to eat one of the only two pizzas they sell is endless. Yes, you read correctly , you can only choose between Margherita and Marinara and to drink, water, Coke, Fanta or beer. Sometimes the wait is long, on my first visited we wait for over an hour, but do not worry, once in the table (often shared), the service is very fast. 

Due Margherite doppia mozzarella, una fanta ed una birra, per favore.
Two Margherite double mozzarella, a fanta and a beer, please. 

The bill? €14.00. A place that I definitely will miss. A taste you will never find in other place. I hope to be back soon. Arrivederci Michele! 


Once upon a time in a Royal Palace…

Once upon a time there was a girl traveling with a memory keeper and a notebook…


I confess I am obsessed with the royal life, well not the current royal life, I am talking about the royal life of the XV or XVIII centuries. Today we finally visited La Reggia di Caserta, a beautiful and huge palace just a few minutes from Naples. Kind of Versailles, this palace was constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples and actually, is the largest palace in Europe with more than 2 million m3.

This amazing palace has 1,200 rooms, including two dozen state apartments, a large library, and a theatre, some of those still furnished by original pieces (Bed heads and linens, bathroom furnitures and a huge collection of antique books in the library). The gardens and fountains are pieces of art. Such a great place to visit, as a museum and gallery inside of the rooms (expositions changing once in a while) or just walking or riding thru the gardens.

IMG_3604 IMG_3607 IMG_3613 IMG_3617 IMG_3623

Vespa girl

vespa_girl_postcard copy

Una vez más posteando algo de lo que hago como diseñadora. Desde que vine la primera vez a Italia amé las motos Vespa. ¡Son divinas! y a decir verdad he querido comprarme una pero soy demasiado miedosa y no se si podría manejar con este tráfico tan loco. Ya falta poco para regresar a casa y decidí hacer una tipo postal con los lugares representativos de este hermoso país acompañados del ícono del medio de transporte italiano, Vespa.

Again posting about my work as graphic designer. Since my first time in Italy I fell in love with the Vespa. Gorgeous! and actually I’ve been wanting to buy one but I am fearful and I really don’t know if I could drive with this crazy traffic. It’s just about a couple of weeks to come back home and I did this postcard with the italian highlights places and the icon of the italian transport, Vespa. 

Weekend in Napoli


I love Naples! It’s not just because is his hometown, the city is so beautiful and very very different of Florence which is good, and also remember me my hometown because the city is like mine in front of the sea. 

Normally when I come to Napoli we use to go just to visit his family or go out to drink something with friends and of course every time I come we have a date at L’antica pizzeria da Michele. This time was so different, I said, I wanted to go to Napoli as a tourist, and actually I am a tourist because I don’t live here. 

IMG_2355So our weekend start in Napoli Sottoterranea, a tour 40m under the city. The stories during the tour are from the foundation of Neopolis to the WWII walking thru about 50cm width corridors with a candle. During the same tour you can visit also a house when was found a part of the first floor of a coliseum. 

Also we visited Via Toledo, one of my favorite parts in Napoli with all those shops, so great, so fashion! Then we went to Lungomare to drink something in a bar in front of the sea and walk thru. 

I really really like this place. Even the crowed places and the crazy drivers. Napoli is a very different place to visit while you are in Italy and also one of the best places to eat! yum yum yum! 




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Be My Valentine


Love is in the air…
Today was Valentine’s day and this is a very special date to me and to all the people who loves cliches! In the last years I’ve been taking photos of couples and to celebrate this lovely date, here are my favorite photos about love!
Just to know, today I had headache and a terrible back pain but fortunately tomorrow I’m traveling to Volterra to meet with my boyfriend’s family and celebrate Valentine’s and his mom’s birthday 🙂
Happy valentine’s day guys!



Welcome 2013


After an amazing year living a between Mexico and Italy I just can say 2012 has been one of my best years. I’d like to thank to my family and friends for been next to me and supporting me all this time, and to God for giving me the opportunity to live this amazing experience out of my country. I love Mexico but on the last months I really learnt to love Italy and I took it as my second home.

Welcome 2013, give me more love, more health… Surprise me! Happy New Year guys!

Después de un increíble año viviendo entre Mexico e Italia solo puedo decir que el 2012 ha sido uno de mis mejores años. Quisiera agradecer a mi familia y a mis amigos por estar siempre a mi lado y apoyándome en todo y a Dios por darme la oportunidad de vivir esta padrísima experiencia fuera de mi país. Amo México pero en los últimos meses he aprendido a amar Italia y llamarla mi segunda casa. 

Bienvenido seas 2013, dame más amor, más salud… Sorpréndeme!! ¡Feliz año nuevo!




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