It’s been a long time

IMG_7610There’s not much to say, just “it’s been a long time” but finally I am here, ready to write some new stuff and share tons of photos with you guys… All this time I’ve been so busy writing and writing to collaborate with a website about travels and tourist stuff and was almost impossible to write here, and as soon as my articles where published I’ll share’m with you. 

For now, here is a photo of the very last sun of 2013 adding the amazing glow to the historic center of my hometown. And a little bit late, Happy 2014 🙂


In the middle of nowhere


Hace un mes regresé de Italia y aún no me acostumbro de nuevo a estar en casa. Claro, extrañaba a mi familia terriblemente y a mis amigos que me han traído de aquí para allá. Esta vez llegamos a… bueno, no tengo idea donde. Entre caminos de terracería y preguntando dónde nacía el río llegamos a un pueblo que parece un pueblo fantasma.

It’s a month since I came back from Italy and I am not habituated to be in home yet. Of course I missed my family and friends so badly and we were rolling from here to there. This weekend we arrived to… well, I have no idea where. Asking where was the river source we drove in dirt roads and we found this town which look like a ghost town. 



Photo on the top taken with Hipstamatic App
Photos taken with iPhone5

Once upon a time in a Royal Palace…

Once upon a time there was a girl traveling with a memory keeper and a notebook…


I confess I am obsessed with the royal life, well not the current royal life, I am talking about the royal life of the XV or XVIII centuries. Today we finally visited La Reggia di Caserta, a beautiful and huge palace just a few minutes from Naples. Kind of Versailles, this palace was constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples and actually, is the largest palace in Europe with more than 2 million m3.

This amazing palace has 1,200 rooms, including two dozen state apartments, a large library, and a theatre, some of those still furnished by original pieces (Bed heads and linens, bathroom furnitures and a huge collection of antique books in the library). The gardens and fountains are pieces of art. Such a great place to visit, as a museum and gallery inside of the rooms (expositions changing once in a while) or just walking or riding thru the gardens.

IMG_3604 IMG_3607 IMG_3613 IMG_3617 IMG_3623



Well, now I am trying to enjoy my last days in Italy. It’s been so hard to say good bye to my friends cz I know will be so difficult to meet again those who live actually in the other side of the world.  Now I’m in Naples spending all the possible time with him and his family. This week we visited a little town called Palena about an hour by car from Naples. Small and very quiet, the perfect place to be unplugged from everything.

PS. There is not a place like Palena to sleep very well! Good night.

IMG_3567 IMG_3570 IMG_3585 IMG_3577 IMG_3595

All photos taken with iPhone5




Muchas veces he estado tentada a tatuarme algo. Siempre cosas diversas que me vienen a la mente. Que si un ojo de Udjat en la nuca, raíces en los pies, un rosa en el hombro o un rayo en la espalda. Hace unos meses, mientras estaba en México una amiga me habló sobre los Kin Maya, algo así como tu signo maya pero aún más profundo. Ella se hizo el diseño completo y quedó padrísimo, pero la verdad es algo que yo no me haría. Mi amiga Mariam ayer me hizo este tattoo de mi Kin (Luna Solar Roja) con henna y me enamoré tanto que estoy pensando en hacerlo real.

So many times I’ve been thinking about doing a tattoo. Always different things; an Udjat eye in the nape, roots on feet, rose in the shoulder or a light bolt in the back. Months ago, when I was in Mexico, a friend of mine told me about the Mayan Kin, kind of zodiac but deeper. She did a great tattoo using this design but it’s something I wouldn’t do. My friend Mariam, yesterday did me this tattoo of my Kin (Red Solar Moon) with henna and I loved it so much, actually I’m thinking of putting some ink on my skin. 


IMG_3287Siempre he tenido un gusto especial por las fotografías en blanco y negro. Hace unos cuantos post, escribía sobre Neil Harbisson, un chavo que padece acromatopsia lo que lo hace ver el mundo literalmente, en blanco y negro. Después de leer mucho sobre él y escribir aquel post, me preguntaba cómo sería ver el mundo todo el tiempo en blanco y negro. Sería como una película antigua. Hace unos días empecé a seguir en Instagram al diseñador mexicano Rolando Santana y me llamó mucho la atención que todas las fotos que subía eran en blanco y negro. Tomé eso sumado a la historia de Harbisson y me propuse una semana fotos monocromáticas en Instagram.
#LaVidaMonocromatica. La verdad es que nunca me han gustado los Hashtags ni nada por el estilo pero este es muy especial para mi. Inclusive amigos míos han posteado sus fotos utilizando el HT. Si tienes una foto en blanco y negro agrégala a #LaVidaMonocromatica.

I love black and white photography. Some post ago I wrote about Neil Harbisson, a guy with achromatopsia which makes him see the word in black and white. After reading and writing about him, I was wondering how could be seeing the world in black and white. Few days ago I started to follow in Instagram, Rolando Santana, mexican fashion designer, and I got struck by his photos cz are just in black and white. Inspired by him and Harbisson I propose my self a week of monochromatic photos in Instagram. 
#LaVidaMonocromatica (The monochromatic life). Actually I am not fan of using HT for everything but this one it’s very special to me; in fact some friends had been posting their photos using this HT. If you want to join us, use #LaVidaMonocromatica.

IMG_3257 IMG_3254 IMG_3261 IMG_3299 IMG_3387

Margaritas Margaritas


Here a selfie enjoying a great strawberry margarita at Tijuana Mexican Bar. The best option to drink a margarita or eat mexican food in Tuscany. Excellent option if you are foreign (specially mexican) an miss the mexican taste!