In the middle of nowhere


Hace un mes regresé de Italia y aún no me acostumbro de nuevo a estar en casa. Claro, extrañaba a mi familia terriblemente y a mis amigos que me han traído de aquí para allá. Esta vez llegamos a… bueno, no tengo idea donde. Entre caminos de terracería y preguntando dónde nacía el río llegamos a un pueblo que parece un pueblo fantasma.

It’s a month since I came back from Italy and I am not habituated to be in home yet. Of course I missed my family and friends so badly and we were rolling from here to there. This weekend we arrived to… well, I have no idea where. Asking where was the river source we drove in dirt roads and we found this town which look like a ghost town. 



Photo on the top taken with Hipstamatic App
Photos taken with iPhone5


IMG_3287Siempre he tenido un gusto especial por las fotografías en blanco y negro. Hace unos cuantos post, escribía sobre Neil Harbisson, un chavo que padece acromatopsia lo que lo hace ver el mundo literalmente, en blanco y negro. Después de leer mucho sobre él y escribir aquel post, me preguntaba cómo sería ver el mundo todo el tiempo en blanco y negro. Sería como una película antigua. Hace unos días empecé a seguir en Instagram al diseñador mexicano Rolando Santana y me llamó mucho la atención que todas las fotos que subía eran en blanco y negro. Tomé eso sumado a la historia de Harbisson y me propuse una semana fotos monocromáticas en Instagram.
#LaVidaMonocromatica. La verdad es que nunca me han gustado los Hashtags ni nada por el estilo pero este es muy especial para mi. Inclusive amigos míos han posteado sus fotos utilizando el HT. Si tienes una foto en blanco y negro agrégala a #LaVidaMonocromatica.

I love black and white photography. Some post ago I wrote about Neil Harbisson, a guy with achromatopsia which makes him see the word in black and white. After reading and writing about him, I was wondering how could be seeing the world in black and white. Few days ago I started to follow in Instagram, Rolando Santana, mexican fashion designer, and I got struck by his photos cz are just in black and white. Inspired by him and Harbisson I propose my self a week of monochromatic photos in Instagram. 
#LaVidaMonocromatica (The monochromatic life). Actually I am not fan of using HT for everything but this one it’s very special to me; in fact some friends had been posting their photos using this HT. If you want to join us, use #LaVidaMonocromatica.

IMG_3257 IMG_3254 IMG_3261 IMG_3299 IMG_3387



El clima está perfecto para ir a la playa, ok no si estuviera en México, pero después de estar a temperaturas bajo 10ºC ahora con unos 20º no hay nada mejor que agarrar el primer tren rumbo a Viareggio y dar un pequeño paseito con amigas.

The weather is perfect to go the beach, ok not if I were in Mexico, but after been but after being at temperatures below 50°F now with a 68ºF there is nothing better than take the first train to Viareggio and take a little walk with friends. 

IMG_3005 IMG_3015 IMG_3028 IMG_3036

All photos taken with iPhone 5.

Notte Bianca Firenze 2013


Por segundo año consecutivo me toca estar en la fabulosa Notte Bianca de Florencia.
El año pasado, sin saberlo, llegué a la capital renacentista el día de la Notte Bianca. Sin saber qué onda con este evento, me la pasé camine y camine por la ciudad, disfrutando de buena música, shows y tomando muchas fotos. (Ver Notte Bianca 2012)
Esta vez tengo la oportunidad de vivir este gran evento de la mano de mis amigos y con un programa con el tema Volare (volar) en mano que seguir. Comenzamos con Flying Bells en Piazza della Signoria, posteriormente, Renaissance en Santa Croce para dar paso al que, para mi gusto fue el mejor, Theater Tol en Piazza Santa Maria Novella y terminamos la noche con un performance del equilibrista francés Didier Pasquette.

This is the second time I have the opportunity to be in the great Notte Bianca Firenze. 
Last year, knowing nothing about it, I arrived to the renaissance capital on the date of the Notte Bianca. I had no idea about this event, I only walked thru the city, enjoying the good music, shows and of course shooting. (See more of Notte Bianca 2012)
This time I have chance to be in this event with my friends and a Volare program (fly) to follow. So, we started with Flying Bells in Piazza della Signoria, and then Renaissance in Santa Croce. After this, we were to Piazza Santa Maria Novella to see Theater Tol, finishing the night with a french tightrope walker Didier Pasquette.



_DSC0042 _DSC0047

notte_bianca _DSC0114 IMG_2990

Photos taken with Nikond D90 and iPhone 5 using Hipstamatic app.

Amsterdam: Hipstamatic Prints


My first spring break out of the beach. Not sun, not hot weather; just cold and an amazing city. I loved Amsterdam, I think I could live there, it’s such an incredible city. Full of art, shops, history, canals and coffee shops (Oops!). We flight from Napoli to Milano and then Amsterdam, quite tired, cz we got at the airport at 5:30am but however was great.

This time I’d like to share with you photos taken with my fav app in iPhone: Hisptamatic. Since we are flying until we flight our last day in this beautiful city.


Road Trip


Yaaai our frist road trip in Italy. No train, no bus, no plane, this time I am the driver going from Florence to Bologna and Verona.
I was so nervous driving in other country, this was the very first time for me driving out of Mexico, well the 2nd because I parked my boyfriend’s car one time in his place, but officially the first driving in the streets.
IMG_2498We start our road trip to Bologna very very early, so we arrived there about 10am and then we visited the city -was about to rain- and then had lunch. Do you have an idea about our lunch? yes, pasta and lasagna alla bolognesa. YUM!
In Florence I felt in love with Neptune, and since there I used to look for him around Italy. In Bologna I found this beautiful fountain about Neptune by Giambologna and I just loved it. It’s in Piazza Maggiore which is one of the most beautiful piazze in Italy.

After lunch we went to Verona. Yes, the city of Romeo and Juliet. We started visiting the  Arena di Verona, icon of the city. This is one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind. Also here was the concert of one of my favorite albums, Ligabue’s Sette notte in Arena. 

IMG_2515 IMG_2509

In Verona is very common to visit Juliet’s house and put your padlock or write your and your lover name in the walls, I am not the kind of person who loves to do this but this time, when I left I kept thinking maybe could be cute to do it. Perhaps I’ll do it next time.

IMG_2532 IMG_2529 IMG_2527

Don’t forget visit also Piazza delle Erbe and see the Madonna’s fountain and get there before 18:00 and you’ll find a little market to buy some souvenirs from t-shirts, venetian mask and pasta.

Slowly Cafè


This time I’d like to share with you, as foreign who lives in Florence, my favorite place. Is called Slowly Cafè in the middle of the city, just a few steps from the Piazza della Reppublica. This bar is one of my favorite places not just in Italy, in the world. I love the drinks, and the aperitif there. Their drinks are a piece of art, I mean they are incredible. If you are visiting Florence, don’t forget to go to Slowly Cafè and taste the aperitif and my recommendation is Sex on the Beach and also Raspberry Mojito.
Enjoy it!

Questa volta mi piacerebbe condividere con voi, come straniera che vive a Firenze, il mio posto preferito. Si chiama Slowly Cafè nel centro della città, a pochi passi da Piazza della Reppublica. Questo bar è uno de miei favoriti non solo in Italia, in tutto il mondo. Adoro i drinks e anche l’aperitivo lì. Questi drink sono un’opera d’arte! veramente, sono bellissimi! Si sei a Firenze non dimenticare andare al Slowly Cafè x l’aperitivo.. mi raccomando Sex on the Beach e il Raspeberry Mojito.  

IMG_2403 IMG_3399

Photos taken with hipstamatic app
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