It’s been a long time

IMG_7610There’s not much to say, just “it’s been a long time” but finally I am here, ready to write some new stuff and share tons of photos with you guys… All this time I’ve been so busy writing and writing to collaborate with a website about travels and tourist stuff and was almost impossible to write here, and as soon as my articles where published I’ll share’m with you. 

For now, here is a photo of the very last sun of 2013 adding the amazing glow to the historic center of my hometown. And a little bit late, Happy 2014 🙂


3 thoughts on “It’s been a long time

  1. It´s been a while since “It´s been a long time” time, I know you´re too busy working and doing stuff but, I think you should update more often this blog (come one It´s been like 8 months) :), I feel good reading your words!! take care and have fun in Italy!! btw, I still have that “souvenir” you gave me 😀 . Have fun

    • Hi Victor! You are right! Actually I was writing for a traveling blog agency and I had no time to write here. Now again in Italy (and not writing for the agency anymore) I’ll be able to post here and in fact, I’m working in something new for the blog but I need a little bit more time to upload it. 😁

  2. Ok just 2 things…
    1.- How much time “a little bit” is? We´re in 2015 and we´re still waiting in your “something new” for the blog 😦
    2.- Hi Joci!!, hope everything´s alright.

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