Weekend in Napoli


I love Naples! It’s not just because is his hometown, the city is so beautiful and very very different of Florence which is good, and also remember me my hometown because the city is like mine in front of the sea. 

Normally when I come to Napoli we use to go just to visit his family or go out to drink something with friends and of course every time I come we have a date at L’antica pizzeria da Michele. This time was so different, I said, I wanted to go to Napoli as a tourist, and actually I am a tourist because I don’t live here. 

IMG_2355So our weekend start in Napoli Sottoterranea, a tour 40m under the city. The stories during the tour are from the foundation of Neopolis to the WWII walking thru about 50cm width corridors with a candle. During the same tour you can visit also a house when was found a part of the first floor of a coliseum. 

Also we visited Via Toledo, one of my favorite parts in Napoli with all those shops, so great, so fashion! Then we went to Lungomare to drink something in a bar in front of the sea and walk thru. 

I really really like this place. Even the crowed places and the crazy drivers. Napoli is a very different place to visit while you are in Italy and also one of the best places to eat! yum yum yum! 




IMG_2401 IMG_2400 IMG_2385

Photos taken with iphone 5 – last one taken with hisptamatic app


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