Field Trip: Roma


Since the course start in september, our Art History teacher told us about a trip to Rome. Finally this date arrived and even if I’ve already gone to Rome last year, I loved seeing Rome in a different way. We started by the Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri at Piazza della Reppublica, and then straight to Santa Maria della Vittoria to see the amazing Ecstasies of Santa Teresa by Bernini. Since you are in Rome it’s so important to visit the Fontana di Trevi and make a wish. After Fontana di Trevi we went to see the Roman Forum and the Pantheon. As fast as I am telling you this, was our trip. Just a stop to eat something and rest. Walk, walk, walk, and enjoy; I mean, we are in Italy, just walk, eat, and enjoy. So we stopped at the Piazza Campo dei Fiori to eat and rest and then visited Piazza Navona to see the amazing Four Rivers Fountain and then San Luigi dei Francesi’s Church for the Caravaggio’s work. Our trip actually ended at 4pm when we got into the bus and come back to Florence. Fast, basic, funny and cultural trip! Hope to find some job in Rome latter.




All photos taken with iphone 5 – some photos using hisptamatic app.


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