Volterra & San Gimignano


Saluti da Volterra!
woooow I really love this place! all is green, the mountains are so high, the weather is great (so cold) and the city, ufffff medieval architecture, I feel we are in other time.

In the morning we visited the Volterra’s Duomo and Baptistery then the city which is very very small and latter we went to my favorite part of the day, to eat. We found this place called “Osteria La Pace” and we tasted all the traditional food of Volterra. Again, wild boar, now with different sauces; various kind of pasta and beeeest part, assaggio di dolce; tiramisu of course, chocolate cake, and so on.


IMG_1923 IMG_1921

Then we visited San Gimignano and I was very sick about the road, cuuuuurves, cuuuurves, and then more curves. Fortunately we arrived ok and we visited the city. Actually was a very fast tour around there. I really want to come back this is so beautiful and it worths the road and all the curves. Here more photos of this great trip.

IMG_1948 IMG_1956 IMG_1958

Coming back Firenze tomorrow midday… 😦


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