Reflexions about love and clichés

I’ve been in love of those padlocks around Florence, specially on Ponte Vecchio. When I took this photo was a girl (23-25 years old) watching this padlocks and crying.. really crying… I just thought two possibilities: 1. the guy has died or 2. the guy has broken up with her…
However, saw her with the heart completely broken made me think about those cliches which say “oh yes attach a padlock on the Ponte Vecchio, and then throw away the key into the Arno, and you’ll get love for ever”… I imagined a lot of people going to found the stupid key to can open the padlock and be “free” about love, you know, for rebound… I don’t know.. So those things are true?
Normally I’m not fan of cliches.. but definitely I’d like to attach a padlock, seems romantic ❤

PS: Girl, cry all you need 🙂

PS2: sometimes I am very weiiiiird!


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