Pisa is not just the Leaning Tower

If I say Italy, what is the first image on your mind?

Write italy on google images… there you have; Maps, the flag, coliseum, Venice canals and the Leading Tower of Pisa. And talking about Pisa, i’d like to say, is not just the Piazza dei Miracoli with the Tower, Duomo, Baptistery and the museums; is a very beautiful Lungarno next to the Arno River – like in Florence- and amazing Palazzi around the city.

Here more photos about Pisa, but the Pisa that not all the tourists use to visit. I hope you like it!



Photos: 1. city view from the top of the leaning tower of pisa // 2. Lungarno leonardo pacinotti // 3. universita’ degli studi // 4. palazzo della carovana at piazza dei cavalieri // 5. Clock tower at piazza dei cavalieri // 6. via ulisse dini // 7. via ulisse dini #12 >> taken with nikon d90

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