The countdown…

In exactly 31 days, at this time, i’ll be leaving Mexico City flying to Paris and after Firenze. Is a month; I’m not sure what I’m thinking now, i just know that i can’t believe it; and i will do it until i stay there. I wanna say thanks to all the people who support me these months in Campeche; to my friends in Monterrey who said, “do it; go”, my cooworkers for the cheers and the patient, to my family for give me the chance to live this experience; but specially to my dad, for let me go again, I know how hard is this for him. I love you daddy.

In 15 days, i know i’ll be getting crazy packing all my stuff, trying to putting all inside HAHHA I really hate pack! But will be a good year, I have all the energy and motivation to finish my career, to learn, and live a new experience.

Thanks everybody. While august 11th arrives, i’ll keep working and sharing time and love with my family and friends in Mexico. Thanks again to all the people who is involved on this.

Photos: 1. Neptune’s fountain at palazzo vechio // 2. Santa Maria di fiore cathedral //  3. Duomo >> Taken with Nikon d90

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